On-Page SEO Setup


This service is ideal for small business websites that only have a few visitors and have not been set up with SEO in mind.

It includes the following processes to start tracking errors, visitors, and conversions:

  • Installation of Google Analytics
  • Setup of filters and goals in Analytics
  • Adding of website in Google Search Console
  • Sitemap creation and submission (If website is built using WordPress)
  • Check robots.txt file

On-page optimisation for up to 5 pages including:

  • Keyword research to find the best and most profitable keywords for your business to use
  • Check structure of pages and re-write content using keywords found during research
  • Optimise meta tags, titles, and descriptions
  • Optimise internal linking
  • Optimise image ALT descriptions
  • Improve website speed by locating resources that are slow to load
  • Image compression to speed up loading times
  • File caching to increase server response time (If website is built using WordPress)


Only available for small business websites. For an on-page SEO service for larger websites or e-commerce websites, get in touch for a quote.